Explore the resources that M.O.S.T offers. M.O.S.T.’s partners, and other sources to curate, adopt, and customize OER, find professional development, develop your own research, and learn about the impact of OER on affordability, access, and achievement for students.

Find High-Quality OER

Explore the M.O.S.T. Course Hub and other sources to find high-quality OER for your course.

Adopt, Customize or Create OER

Find resources to help you support your OER adoption, customization, and creation.

Teach Using OER

Connect to professional development and other resources as you implement OER in your course.

Impact Calculator
(Lumen Learning)

Understand the potential impacts of adopting OER instead of traditionally copyrighted learning materials.

The Review Project
(Open Education Group)

Get a summary of all known empirical research on the impacts of OER adoption.

Open Education Group and
OER Research Fellows publications
(Open Education Group)

Find research on OER perceptions and impact in higher education.

OER Research Toolkit

Toolkit to support research measuring the impact of OER adoption, including sample survey instruments.

M.O.S.T. Events

Offers convenings, workshops, and webinars for professional development, peer-to-peer collaboration, and resource sharing.

M.O.S.T. OER Grant Program

Strategically supports Maryland public higher education institutions’ efforts to increase access, affordability, and achievement for students through the incorporation of OER into teaching practices.