As institutions look to scale OER, they will need to build the capacity to sustain their OER initiatives and leverage the affordances of “open” to address access, affordability, and achievement for students.

In order to sustain OER, institutions will need:
  • Digital rights and accessibility compliance services.
  • Support for curation / discoverability.
  • More OER materials at advanced course levels.
  • OER quality review.
  • Faculty incentives built into reward structures.
  • Support for teaching and learning with OER.
  • A transition plan for libraries and bookstores.
  • A sustainable business model.
  • More research on student achievement.


M.O.S.T. is working with 2- and 4-year higher education institutions across Maryland to support long-term, statewide scaling and sustainability of fully accessible, openly licensed course materials by providing the infrastructure institutions need to collaborate and co-create OER. In addition to consulting with M.O.S.T. staff, there are a variety of resources that can help support the scale and sustainability of your institution’s OER initiatives.

Explore the potential impacts of adopting OER instead of using traditionally copyrighted learning materials.